A place for Unity asset reviews, random articles, lesser known indie game reviews, and maybe the occasional devlog for our own pet projects.

PixelSpice Reviews

PixelSpice was founded in 2017 by a long-time hobbyist developer. Frustrated with the lack of detailed reviews with packages on the Unity Asset store, we wanted to create our own place to host in-depth reviews. Some detailed reviews exist on the asset pages or through /r/Unity3d posts. However, PixelSpice hopes to provide a more detail look at individual packages for smaller indie devs.

Feel free to drop us a line via the contact form if you have any specific assets you would like reviewed. Any comments for areas you would like more detail on are also welcome! As hobbyists, we can’t promise to get to them very quickly, but we will try to get to popular requests.


PixelSpice Games

PixelSpice is run by a hobbyist Unity developer (since 2012) with professional non-application coding experience (since 2010). While we may eventually publish or produce a game, for the most part I’m just here to learn and have fun.


Our Goals

To provide quality, honest reviews of game development assets, tools, and indie games.
To provide entertaining insight into Unity and the world of game development.